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Big Mozz LA

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About Big Mozz LA

Unless you are from space, you understand that mozzarella sticks are a perfect food. The big cheeses behind Big Mozz knew this when they opened up their first stand in Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg market. It quickly became such an institution that when LA opened their own Smorgasburg in the Arts District, Big Mozz opened in LA right along with it. Today you can find Big Mozz everywhere from the street, to baseball stadiums, to Madison Square Garden.

Every stick at Big Mozz is made with heart; fresh garlic, parsley, and Pecorino Romano coat the outside, while a ludicrous amount of science-defyingly stretchy Wisconsin mozzarella await you on the inside. The sticks are served with their signature red sauce, but if you ask nicely, and also pay them $2, they’ll give you some ranch, too. Truly, mozzarella sticks are the nectar of the gods, and you need them desperately at your next event.


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