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Bird Coma


About Bird Coma

The Bird Coma food truck was developed spontaneously through a desire to combine delicious comfort food. Fried Chicken became a guilty pleasure which led to inspire the feeling soul food helps people feel, happiness. The venture continued to finding the meaning of soul food, or the food which stimulates soothing joy. It's food which is satisfying, memorable, comforting, and brings a feeling of quality from home. That’s why the menu is something that needed to leave the family table and be shared with the public plate. Meals which were shared with family and friends, now had an opportunity to bring moments to the busy streets of Los Angeles.


Sorry. We don't have the menu for Bird Coma.

Public Schedule

Saturday, January 18
Sunday, January 19
Monday, January 20
Tuesday, January 21
Wednesday, January 22
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Edmon Marsikyan and DishDivvy Cook Support
6909 E Washington Blvd, 90640
Thursday, January 23
Friday, January 24
Saturday, January 25