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Blast Ice Cream

Blast Ice Cream

Ice Cream|Frozen Treats|Vegetarian
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About Blast Ice Cream

If you’re wishin’ for ice cream that is all-natural and without all those mysterious emulsifiers, dyes, and chemicals...then this Prohibition-themed Ice Cream truck is a dream come true. Oh yeah....and liquid nitrogen is involved.

With its 1920’s-era decor, Blast Ice Cream specializes in super cool “New Old Skool Ice Cream”. It’s made with organic and locally sourced ingredients, all from scratch, which is totally Old Skool. Then it’s all frozen right before your eyes with -320-degree liquid nitrogen, resulting in a molecular gastronomical concoction that is absolutely pure and creamy beyond belief...whoaaaaa, now that’s totally New Skool!

And it gets better!

Doing our future a favor, everything is served in bowls made from crushed sugar cane fibers and their spoons are made from renewable birch.

For an extraordinarily exciting edible experience that is simultaneously a blast from the past AND a blast to the future, you gotta get to Blast Ice Cream fast.


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