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Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck


About Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck

Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck is here to cure the bleary, bloodshot eyes of morning risers forever. The food truck is brewing up their specialty Bloodshot Coffee: a unique blend of beans culled from around the world that's guaranteed to make your coffee experience an eye opening one. Because having bloodshot eyes really isn't a good look on anyone. And no one knows that better than Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck.

They've taken a powerful stance against that weary morning look, concocting a brew that's as powerful as it is delicious. Oh, and ethically sourced, too. The beans are fair trade certified, and once collected, come together in the smoothest, most aromatic coffee you're ever gonna taste. And it's sure to pack a punch to your tastebuds, with robust flavors that touch on sweet and savory notes. Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck is treating Los Angeles to a bevy of refreshments, all started from that same quality coffee base, and including perennial favorites such as lattes, mochas, espressos, iced coffees and the like. So if you like good coffee and you're based in LA, you're in luck. You'll find Bloodshot Mobile Coffee Truck on a curb near you.


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