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Boba Bear

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About Boba Bear

Boba Bar specializes in all things boba tea, providing cool teas made with real fresh fruit with loads of boba, lychee, and more to suit up your drink. Sporting multiple locations across Los Angeles, CA, this business is a tea drinker’s paradise.

The menu runs the gamut of tea options, from milk teas to matcha teas to green teas and beyond. Of course, don’t forget the added pleasure of boba, lychee, and more. If you’re not so much a tea fan, don’t make the mistake of thinking Boba Bear isn’t for you. They’ve also got lemonade, smoothies, and cold brew coffee well worth sampling. Looking to let your guests quench their thirsts in style at your next event? Then Boba Bear’s your hero, so book ‘em ASAP.



Original Milk TeaBoba Bear's infamous Original Milk Tea made with brown sugar sweetened black tea, mixed with non-dairy creamer
Thai TeaBrewed Thai Tea leaves, sweetened with cane sugar and topped with Half n' Half
Honey Green TeaBrewed Jasmine tea leaves, sweetened with honey
Flavored Green TeaBrewed Jasmine tea leaves, sweetened with your flavor of choice
Honey Milk TeaBrewed premium Black tea leaves, sweetened with honey and mixed with non-dairy creamer

Public Schedule

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