Los Angeles Food Truck

Bowled and Beautiful




BBQ Pulled PORK BowlTender shredded Pork smothered in Tangy BBQ sauce & melted Cheddar Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans & topped w/ fresh made Citrus Slaw, Confetti Corn Relish & crunchy wontons too!
Shredded Pork Chile Verde BowlTender Shredded Pork, smothered in warm Chile Verde Sauce & Jack Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans, then drizzled w/ homemade Crème Fraiche & fresh Mango Salsa, crunchy tortilla strips top it off!
Chinese Steak/Chicken BowlGrilled, Grass-fed Steak or Chicken Breast & Fresh Shredded Veggies, stir-fried together in a tangy, sweet Hoisin & Apricot Sauce, served over fresh Salad Greens & Rice & topped w/crunchy wontons & green onions.
BBQ Chipotle Chicken BowlGrilled Seasoned Chicken Breast, served w/ our Flavorful BBQ Chipotle Sauce, Black Beans, our Signature Confetti Corn Salsa and Fresh Tortilla Strips … this is the bowl that won us Beverly Hills on the Great Food Truck Race 4!
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.