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Cali Braised

Cali Braised

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About Cali Braised

Cali Braised was conceived through a California raised, Asian-American cook's curiosity of 'what if?' - what if we're able to intertwine multiple asian cuisines together? The familiar, comfort-fares in our Asian neighborhoods that bring us back memories of family gatherings? Tito's and Tita's coming over to set chaffers filled with their home cooked dishes while the kids run around the mahjong table filled with conversation and laughter? What if our plates were filled with varying Asian ingredients and side dishes that somehow, someway viscerally tied-in our diverse palates? To find out, we're proudly introducing Cali Braised.

Owned and operated by a Wife and Husband team with varying experiences in Culinary and Hospitality; Cali Braised humbly takes inspiration from California-Asian dishes that we have been raised and surrounded by.

We locally source the best ingredients at every possible opportunity and prepare each item with care and sincerity in delivering positive experiences for our guests. Simply put, we love having the opportunity of providing enjoyment to our community with our meals.


Cali Faves

PORK BELLYgarlic rice, pickled veggies, fried egg, plum sesame dressing, cilantro
BRAISED BEEFegg noodles, miso cabbage & mushrooms, crispy garlic & shallots, green onions
SLOW COOKED CHICKENsteamed white rice, blistered green beans, fried egg, coconut curry, cilantro
SWEET & SPICY PRAWNSsteamed white rice, sesame cucumbers, chili-garlic sauce, calichurri, cilantro
TOFU SALADchopped lettuce salad, pickled veggies, sesame cucumbers, crispy garlic, plum sesame dressing
CALI SURF & TURF sweet & spicy prawns, katsu chicken, curry udon noodles, chili-garlic sauce, crispy shallots, green onions, cilantro
SESAME SOY TOFUsteamed white rice, sesame cucumbers, plum sesame dressing, green onions, crispy garlic
CHICKEN KATSUudon noodles, kare, fried egg, green onions, crispy garlic & shallots, furikake nori
KIDS CHICKEN MEALsteamed chicken breast, steamed white rice, cucumbers

BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL(choose up to 2)

crispy pork belly- tender slices of soy marinated, duroc pork belly

braised beef- savory, rich, prime cuts go beef from Niman Ranch

sweet & spicy prawns- herb& chili marinated black tiger prawns

slow cooked chicken- skin on, tender, jidori chicken breast

sesame soy tofu- red pepper braised silken tofu

katsu chicken- panic breaded, sliced, jidori chicken breast


steamed white rice

chopped lettuce salad

garlic rice

egg noodles

udon noodles

BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL(choose up to 2)

blistered green beans- price-khing sauce

pickled veggies- carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cabbage

sesame cucumbers- sesame soy marinade

fried egg

miso cabbage & mushrooms- sautéed in miso, garlic and sweet soy

BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL(choose up to 3)

chili-garlic sauce- Vietnamese inspired sauce

cali-churri - chimichurri made with asian herbs

coconut curry- Thai inspired curry

plum sesame dressing- Korean inspired dressing

spicy kare- Japanese inspired curry

crispy shallots

crispy garlic

green onions


Public Schedule

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