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Chicken And Waffle Factory

Chicken And Waffle Factory

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About Chicken And Waffle Factory

Fresh, unique waffles and tasty wings are what you'll get when Chicken and Waffles Factory finds itself on your street!



Classic Belgian waffleIncludes butter, powdered sugar and syrup
Red velvet waffleIncludes cream cheese glaze, powdered sugar and whipped cream
Carrot cake waffleIncludes maple nut cream cheese and powdered sugar
Lemonade waffleIncludes lemon glaze, powdered sugar and whipped cream
C and W Factory WaffleBrown sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar and butter
Loaded waffleIncludes mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon and chives
Boneless wings5 piece, 10-piece, 22 piece
Classic/ Traditional wings5 piece, 10 piece, 20 piece
Chicken tenders3 piece and 5 piece
Buffalo Chicken Waffle SandwichColeslaw, blue cheese and blue cheese dressing with classic fried chicken tenders and a waffle
C and W House SandwichClassic fried chicken tenders, powdered sugar, syrup and butter
Chicken and Pesto Waffle SandwichIncludes basil pesto, tomatoes, and provolone cheese with classic fried chicken on a bun
Cheesy Buffalo FriesFrench fries, cheddar cheese, chicken with either buffalo sauce or sauce of your choice

Regular french friesFried potato wedges
Granny's Home Fried VeggiesFried zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower

Public Schedule

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