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Cocina Fresca by Mangia

Cocina Fresca by Mangia

Mexican|American Classics|Italian

About Cocina Fresca by Mangia

Translate Cocina Fresca in Spanish and you get fresh kitchen. Translate Cocina Fresca and Italian and you get, you guessed it, fresh kitchen. Cocina Fresca by Mangia is a food truck that likes to keep things fresh, both in the kitchen and on the menu, specializing in authentic Mexican and Italian cuisine.

And by fresh, we mean fresh. Each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients, from handmade tortillas and salsas made fresh daily to parmigiano cheese and imported Italian sausage. But fresh also applies to Cocina Fresca's unique menu, blurring the line between traditional and nontraditional meals, and fusing together the best of Mexican and Italian cuisine. They're quite versatile, with a rotating menu of burritos, sandwiches and loaded fries to please any palate. So find Cocina Fresca on the streets of Los Angeles to refresh your definition of street food. It's sure to freshen up your day.


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