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Comfort Kitchen

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About Comfort Kitchen

Comfort Kitchen is bringing together those all American classics with a unique twist, infusing each with a bevy of spices and international flavors you won't find anywhere else. No, really. You can stop looking now, because you've just found quality food from a chef that's dedicated to using all original recipes, inspired by her mom's home cooking and her travels. And now, all that inspired food is available to you via drop off catering. Lucky you.

At Comfort Kitchen, you're being treated to cuisine that elevates comfort food to a whole new level of delicious. Craving some BBQ ribs? Comfort Kitchen takes 'em a step further, infusing your regular old BBQ sauce with the tanginess of ginger. Garlic finds itself peppering savory grilled chicken, and infused with herbs, makes cous cous a wholly delicious experience. If that's not enough to get your mouth watering, we don't know what will. So what are you waiting for? You'll find Comfort Kitchen popping up at farmer's markets around Los Angeles, but really, it's all about that drop off catering, bringing all that goodness right from the kitchen to you. Trust us on this. Comfort Kitchen's aiming to please, and you're the target.


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