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Corn Man

Corn Man

Carnival Food|Vegetarian

About Corn Man

Corn Man has a corny plan, to serve foodies with some of the corniest eats you'll find anywhere. Specifically, he's got elotes and corn cups, carrying on the Mexican street food tradition in the streets of Los Angeles. And he's been doing it for 27 years. That's gotta count for something.

To call his elotes traditional would be a disservice to the Corn Man's name. Instead, he's taking the traditions of the form and reinventing them to service the community at large. You've got the option of regular or sweet corn, and once you choose, sit back and watch him dress that cob with a heaping of mayonnaise, drizzling of butter, and sprinkles of chili peppers with a dash of lime. Oh, and a whole lot of parmesan cheese. It's messy, it's corny, it's cheesy, but it's an experience you'll have to partake in in order to fully understand Corn Man's charm. So don't wait. Find Corn Man on the streets of Lincoln Heights, LA and beyond. And thank him for giving you the corniest, cheesiest time of your life. Trust us. It's well worth it.


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