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About Cuzina

When it comes to Filipino fare, the flavors represent the country’s richly diverse history. The team at Cuzina is looking to exemplify the blend of Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, American, and other flavors found in Filipino cuisine. Those in Los Angeles, CA looking to embrace the city’s diverse culinary culture need to stop on by ASAP.

The menu is more or less an introductory course to dining in the Philippines, offering a medley of meals. Start off with some isaw, a classic Filipino street food comprised of barbecue pig or chicken intestines marinated in a rich blend of spices and served on a stick. Go for some kwek kwek and enjoy a hard-boiled egg coated in an orange batter. Or, try the crunchy goodness of grilled chicken feet. If you’re getting hungry just reading this, imagine how good it’ll taste. Head on out to Cuzina or book ‘em for your next event.


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