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Dia de los Puercos


About Dia de los Puercos

Dia de los Puercos offers up some of the best Mexican Street Food around. All of our dishes are centered around the, 'Other White Meat', PORK & our menu is also 90% Gluten Free! Check us out for some tasty meals!



Borracho Dogbacon wrapped frank topped with onion, mayo, mustard, ketchup, & cotija
Artesa Papitasfries topped with chile verde & cotija cheese
El Trithree tacos with your choice of pork (Mochomos, Al Pastor, & Tinga), topped with cabbage, onion, cilantro & salsa
Dorados Beef or Pork Taquitos . Cabbage . Guaca Salsa . Cotija Cheese\n
El Chefecorn tortillas filled with your choice of pork & cheese, topped with cabbage, onion, radish & salsa
La m.e.s.a.Mochomos, two fried Eggs, Salsa, Avocado on a toasted bolillo roll
Los 5150'sfresh made chips, beans, melted cheese, pastor, mochomos, mole, onion, cilantro & salsa\r\n
Sopestwo sopes with beans & your choice of pork, topped with cabbage, cilantro, cotija & salsa
Mole Tostistwo tostadas with pork Oaxacan mole, cabbage, cotija, onion, radish & salsa\r\n
Hog Pocket®peanut butter, bacon & grape jelly empanada, rolled in churro "Dust", topped with La Lechera and bacon
Al PastortaAl pastor & beans on a bolillo roll, topped with cabbage, onion, cilantro, salsa & radish
Tinga Tostistwo tostadas with pork tinga, cabbage, cotija, onion, radish & salsa

MexiCornslow cooked corn, butter, mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder, chopped bacon & lime wedge

Churritos mini churros topped with caramel, la lechera & crumbled bacon
Hog Pocketpeanut butter, bacon & grape jelly empanada, rolled in churro "Dust", topped with La Lechera and bacon

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