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About Dolcenero Catering

Dolcenero Gelato is bringing a whole new type of frozen treat to the streets of Santa Monica, and we bet you can guess just what that is. It's gelato. Simple, delicious, simply delicious gelato. But not just any gelato. This is Dolcenero Gelato we're talking about, and it's coming from the gelato connoisseur himself Simone Acciai.

You see, Simone Acciai grew up in a small town just outside of Florence and had a dream to import Italy's favorite sweet treat to the US. And now, he's fully realized it, to much success. He's keeping with tradition, making each and every decadent flavor of gelato using only the freshest quality ingredients, earning the title of best gelato in town. Frankly, we're apt to believe him. From fruity sorbeti to 16 flavors of gelati, there's a guaranteed palate pleaser to satisfy a number of sweet tooth cravings. So why wait? Find Dolcenero Gelato in greater Los Angeles to get yourself treated right. You've earned it.


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