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About Donut Princess LA

It’s no surprise Mayly Tao’s donut game is so strong. She’s been making these pastries since the single digits, when she got up as early as 5 in the morning to help out in her family’s donut shop. Mayly’s parents, survivors of the Cambodian genocide, saw donuts as their form of the American dream, keeping afloat financially by operating donut shops across Los Angeles, CA. After college, Mayly returned to the family business, originally planning to help with marketing. However, her skills at whippin’ up pristine pastries were too good not to share with others. Soon, she became a sensation in her own right with Donut Princess LA.

Mayly serves a rich mix of tried-and-true classics and new, experimental concoctions at Donut Princess. Feeling traditional? Treat yourself to an old-fashioned glazed donut or a donut stuffed with raspberry jelly. Want to try something new? Try a matcha green tea donut or one made from ube purple yam. If you’re feeling particularly trendy, why not try the wonder that is a half-donut, half-croissant? Whatever you pick, it’ll taste bakery fresh. Why is that? Mayly and her staff make new batches every hour, so you’ll never sink your teeth into a donut gone stale. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, swing by Donut Princess LA. Or, even better? Book ‘em for your next event and give your guests a decadent dessert table.


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