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Donut Snob

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About Donut Snob

Donut Snob is the purveyor of Los Angeles' finest donuts, bar none. It's in the namesake, but it's also in its methodology; a donut cart that's truly elevated the classic American dessert to a whole new level. That level? Gourmet, artisan-style, and in a class all its own.

That's because Donut Snob is committed to the donut in a way most aren't, treating it with the utmost care in selecting the finest quality ingredients to handcraft each in small batches. The result? Flavors that are balanced and uniquely suited to please any palate type. From their Razzy Lemon Lulu donut outfitted with a fresh lemon glaze, raspberry coulis center and fresh raspberries to the sensational Campfire donut glazed with pure milk chocolate, topped with graham cracker crumbs and finished with a toasted marshmallow, rest assured you'll find sweet satisfaction here. So why wait? Treat yo' self by finding Donut Snob in Los Angeles, or hiring 'em to cater any manner of event you have in mind. Trust us. They won't disappoint.



Key Lime Pielime icing with key lime filling dustedwith\ngrahamcracker andlime zest
Blueberry Cheesecakecreme cheese icing topped with cream creme cheese filling with blueberry dusted with graham cracker
Maple Baconmaple icing topped with bacon
Pistachio Cremepistachio icing topped with\nPistachios
S'morechocolate icing topped with marshmallowand\ndustedwithgrahamcracker
Pecan Pralinecaramel icing with candied pecans with\ncaramel drizzle
Complete Breakfast Doughnutmelted white cheddar\ntopped with egg bacon and sausage mixture topped with\nshredded cheddar

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