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Dulce Europa Shaved Ice

Dulce Europa Shaved Ice

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About Dulce Europa Shaved Ice

Look, we get it. Summers in Los Angeles get real, real hot. And when it's real, real hot, you need a real way to cool off: with some premium shaved ice, made with real ingredients culled from California's freshest fruit juices. At Dulce Europa Shaved Ice, that realness is served up right from the window of a food truck, making your sweet dreams a sweet reality.

Unlike your traditional shaved ice truck, using syrups that are chock full of sugar and artificial flavor, Dulce Europa Shaved Ice has a plethora of homemade flavors that feature the best in seasonal fruits. But they're taking that sweet frozen treat to the next level, adding in chili powder and other goods to craft raspados in the traditional style of Mexico. Here, you're getting a whole lot of mango in their chamango and mangonada, and a whole lot of goodness in their specialty frozen thai tea with a sno cap of sweet condensed milk. So whether you prefer the sweet or savory, spicy or refreshing, or a unique combination of 'em all, Dulce Europa Shaved Ice is sure to satisfy. So track down the truck to get a refreshment of your own design. Trust us. It's the coolest way to keep cool. Guaranteed.



Cinnamon Churro Sundae Cinnamon Churro Sundae: Vanilla Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Dulce De Leche Drizzle , & Cinnamon
Oreo Churro Sundae Oreo Churro Sundae: Vanilla Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Chocolate Drizzle, & Oreo Churros
Boba Drink w/side of Cinnamon Churros Choice of Boba Drink: Thai Tea, Thai Coffee or Taro w/side of Cinnamon Churros

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