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About Entourage Mini Donuts

Entourage Mini Donuts has amassed a following of local foodie fans in Los Angeles, with their popularity surging across the state. Here, you'll find mini donuts on a whole new level of delicious, because their slogan is 'no topping will out top us' and we'd have to agree.

And you're getting it out of a food truck roaming the streets in style. From classics like cinnamon and powdered sugar to chocolate glazed and sprinkled, if you're looking for that delightful donut experience, you'll find it here. But where Entourage Mini Donuts shines is in its offering of specialty donuts, including a vegan and gluten free mix as well as signature donuts to outshine the rest by far. For the most special of events, Entourage Mini Donuts can bring their beer, cider, champagne and other alcoholic donuts, and, where it's legal, donuts that'll give you a sugar high alongside another kind of high. If it sounds too good to be true, prove yourself wrong and find Entourage Mini Donuts in Los Angeles, or have 'em out to cater your next event. It's well worth it, that's for sure.



Hot Dog
Nachos and Cheese

Beer, Cider or Champagne Infused Donut
Fresh Made Mini Donuts

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