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About Fuego Me Up

Fuego Me Up Food Truck: Where Mexican Meets Asian Cuisine

Fuego Me Up is a food truck that expertly blends the vibrant flavors of Mexican and Asian cuisines. Our menu features a tantalizing array of dishes, including tacos, burritos, rice bowls, and breakfast items, all crafted with the finest ingredients.

We excel in catering to large events, having delighted guests at Grand LA NYE, the LPGA, Just Like Heaven at the Rose Bowl, Anime Expo at LA Convention Center, and Live Nation Music Festival. Our expertise extends to fundraising events, private gatherings, and corporate lunches, serving up to 400+ guests with ease. We are passionate about fundraising and love giving back to schools and our community.

Our dedication to exceptional customer service and mouth-watering food ensures a memorable dining experience for every guest. Choose Fuego Me Up for your next event and savor a unique culinary journey that marries the best of Mexican and Asian flavors.



Trio Mix Tacos
Trio Mix TacosTrio Mix Tacos (3): One of each - chicken, asada, pastor, served with rice and beans.
Tacos al Pastor
Tacos al PastorTacos al Pastor (3): Marinated pork with pineapple, cilantro, and onions, served with rice and beans.
Chicken Tacos
Chicken TacosChicken Tacos (3): Grilled chicken served with rice and beans.
Machaca Burritos
Machaca BurritosShredded beef, scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, wrapped in a flour tortilla.
Breakfast Bowl
Breakfast BowlBreakfast Bowl: Scrambled eggs, bacon, diced potatoes, sautéed bell peppers and onions, cheese, cilantro, and salsa.
BurritoBurritos: Choice of al pastor, chicken chipotle, or Asada with flour tortilla, rice, beans, diced onions, diced cilantro, and salsa
Burrito Bowl
Burrito BowlBurrito Bowls: Choice of Asada, al pastor or chicken chipotle, with rice, beans, and pico de gallo
Birria Ramen
Birria RamenRamen Noodles with Shredded Beef in a savory broth,
Garnished with Onions and Chopped Cilantro.
Shaken Beef Garlic Noodle
Shaken Beef Garlic NoodleGarlic Noodles are tossed in a blend of butter,
minced garlic, Special sauce, and Parmesan cheese. and marinated beef cubes

Ramen Ramen Noodles with Bok Choy, Bean Sprouts, Baby
Corn, and Choice of Beef Brisket or Chicken in a Savory Broth, Garnished with Green Onions.
Nacho Grande
Nacho GrandeTortilla Chips, Cheese, Crema, Pico de Gallo and Salsa.
Choice of Chicken , Pastor, Asada
QuesadillaFlour Tortilla with Melted Cheese, Diced Onions and Cilantro.
Choice of Chicken , Pastor, Asada
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Shrimp Spring RollsShrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Baja Fish Tacos
Baja Fish TacosBaja Fish Taco features crispy, beer-battered fish, typically white fish like cod, served on a warm corn tortilla. The taco is garnished with fresh, crunchy shredded cabbage, a drizzle of aioli sauce, and topped with onions and cilantro.
Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp TacosSeason Shrimp Tacos served with onions and cilantro
Ramen Pork Belly
Ramen Pork BellyRamen where the rich, umami-packed broth complements the tender, flavorful pork belly, and the fresh toppings
JambalayaA hearty one-pot dish featuring a robust blend of long-grain rice, andouille sausage, chicken, and shrimp. Sautéed with onions, bell peppers, and celery, and seasoned with a mix of cayenne pepper, thyme, paprika, and bay leaves. Cooked in a savory broth for a rich, layered taste with a bit of a kick.
Big Dog
Big Dog1/4 Hot Dog with Onions and Bell Pepper
Cheeseburger Sliders
Cheeseburger SlidersMini beef patties seasoned to perfection, topped with melted cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and tangy pickles. Served on soft, toasted miniature buns with a dollop of ketchup and mustard.
Pho Cup of Noodles
Pho Cup of NoodlesSavory cup of Vietnamese beef pho, featuring tender slices of beef brisket in a deeply flavorful broth. Served with rice noodles, fresh herbs, bean sprouts, lime wedges
BBQ Beef Sandwich
BBQ Beef SandwichBBQ Beef Sandwich, featuring tender, slow-cooked beef brisket generously slathered in our signature smoky and tangy barbecue sauce. Served on a soft, toasted bun, this sandwich is topped with crunchy coleslaw
Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Lime Rice
Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Lime RiceChicken Skewers with Cilantro Lime Rice, featuring tender, marinated chicken pieces grilled to perfection. Paired with aromatic cilantro lime rice
Torta Asada Sandwich
Torta Asada SandwichAsada provides a smoky and savory base, complemented by the fresh, zesty flavors of the pico de gallo, creamy avocado, and rich beans. The soft roll and cheese bring everything together in a perfect bite.
Fuego Fries
Fuego FriesNacho Fries, where crispy seasoned fries meet your choice of delicious protein chicken or asada. Topped with melted cheese, fresh pico de gallo, and a drizzle of creamy crema
Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast BurritosSausage or bacon, diced potatoes, scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onions, and cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Gralic Fries
Gralic FriesGarlic Fries
Chips & Melted Cheese
Chips & Melted CheeseChips & Melted Cheese
Rice and Beans
Rice and BeansMexican Rice & Pinto Beans
Chicken Wings
Chicken WingsChicken Lime BBQ Wings
EloteCorn slathering it with a combination of mayonnaise, crema (Mexican sour cream), and cotija cheese.
Chicken Eggrolls
Chicken EggrollsChicken Eggrolls, filled with a savory mix of tender chicken, fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices, all wrapped in a golden, crispy shell.

Agua Fresca
Agua FrescaAgua Fresca, a traditional Mexican beverage made from fresh fruits, water, and a touch of sweetness. Flavors
Horchata: A creamy blend of rice, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla, with a sweet and smooth taste.
Pineapple: Made from fresh pineapple, this tropical drink is sweet, tangy, and bursting with natural flavor.
Watermelon: A delightful blend of juicy watermelon and water, offering a light and refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness.
Strawberry Lemonade: A perfect balance of sweet strawberri
Bottled Water
Bottled WaterBottled Water
Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite
Coke, Diet Coke or SpriteCoke, Diet Coke or Sprite

Choco-Vanilla Delight
Choco-Vanilla DelightChocolate Chip Cookie served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Acai Fruit Cup
Acai Fruit CupSmooth Acai topped with Fresh Fruit
Churros with Caramel or chocolate
Churros with Caramel or chocolateChurros with a choice of caramel or chocolate

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