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Hamachi Hunters

Hamachi Hunters

Mexican|Asian Fusion|Japanese

About Hamachi Hunters

Tony, the mastermind behind Hamachi Hunters, spent years traveling the world honing his culinary skills. Born in Grenada, AKA The Spice Island, he grew up cooking with his mother. As an adult, he sought out professional training everywhere from London to Hong Kong to Barcelona to Tokyo. It was in Japan that Tony discovered his love for all things hamachi. He brought that passion back to the United States when he found himself in Los Angeles, CA. Now, he rolls around the city in his very own food truck, marrying Japanese techniques with Mexican style to give you the freshest eats on the streets.

Find this food truck and you'll find the best tacos in town. Hamachi Hunters is, in a way, Tony’s magnum opus. He can finally combine all his collective culinary experience by whipping up fusion foods in all forms. Take, for example, his Korean inspired beef taco complemented with kimchi, sprouts, and pea shoots. They've even got sashimi and fresh pressed juice. See what we mean? Find Hamachi Hunters in LA, or call 'em up to cater your next event today. Either way, this is one foodie experience you don't want to miss.


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