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Hawkins House of Burgers

Hawkins House of Burgers

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About Hawkins House of Burgers

Cynthia Hawkins, the youngest of 14 children, is keeping her father’s franchise alive. A staple of Los Angeles’s Watts neighborhood, the history of Hawkins House of Burgers dates back to 1939 when Cynthia’s father moved from Arkansas to LA. He started off slinging burgers at a tiny food stand, but his reputation as a master of this all-American cuisine spread quickly via word-of-mouth. Before long, Hawkins was known as the purveyor of the best burgers in town and Cynthia’s keeping the family business alive today.

The menu doesn’t get too fancy because, honestly, it doesn't need to. When you’ve got a well-seasoned patty grilled until juicy and piping hot, all you really need to do is stick it between a bun and pile on the toppings. Pair it with a side of anything from french fries to collard green and enjoy a classic all-American meal. Then, slap on some Southern-style sweets like peach cobbler or banana pudding for dessert. Sound like perfection? Then we’ve got good news – Hawkins House of Burgers caters, so have ‘em out to serve these pristine patties at your next event.


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