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Hopia Like It!

Hopia Like It!


About Hopia Like It!

Gerry and Anette Mercado and Susana Puyot got into the food industry back in 1999. All first generation Filipino immigrants, they decided to share their culture with Los Angeles, CA via food. While their original restaurant was a great success, the economic crash in 2007 hit the company hard. Sadly, they closed their doors in 2008. However, Gerry, Anette, and Susana always held out hope they could rebuild. In 2015, their dream came true with the opening of Hopia Like It. Stationed in Granada Hills, this bakery and catering company provides a litany of both sweet and savory Filipino fare throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

So, why the name? This on-point pun refers to one of the staples of the menu, the wondrous moon-cake known as the hopia. These soft and chewy puff pastries come stuffed with a variety of delectable fillings here, from pineapple to guava to purple ube. While this eponymous sweet is well worth sampling, it’s far from the only treat to try. Hopia also whips up Filipino lunch and breakfast dishes like tacos, egg rolls, and traditional plates of boldly seasoned meats and rice. There’s also a plethora of other confections, from cakes to flan to sweet rice. In fact, the menu is so massive, you’re going to want to stop by multiple times to try it all. So, what are you waiting for? Swing by Hopia Like It and grab a bite. Even better? Book ‘em for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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