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I was always down for Thai food, and the Hungry Belly food truck didn't disappoint. The prices were standard among the food truck scene (boba was a tad expensive), the menu selection was primarily built around standard "greatest hits" Thai food options although the burgers and fries threw me for a loop (was this the fusion part!?), while the service worked for me. I found very good value based on the prices, service, and experience noted above (TOTAL paid experience was around $15.00 BEFORE any discounts and/or tip). And, they accepted my credit card of choice...AMEX! 4.0 STARS

Hungry Belly Thai Schedule (next 7 days)

Sunday, December 16
Monday, December 17
Tuesday, December 18
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM IO at Playa Vista
12180 Millenium Dr Los Angeles 90094
Wednesday, December 19
Thursday, December 20
Friday, December 21
Saturday, December 22
Sunday, December 23

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