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Ice Cream Occasions

Ice Cream Occasions

Ice Cream|Frozen Treats|Vegetarian
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About Ice Cream Occasions

You know what makes a special occasion even specialer? (yes, we know that's not a word, just roll with it for a second). Ice cream. And no one knows this more than Ice Cream Occasions, a veritable ice cream social on wheels delivering up a plethora of frozen treats for the hottest summer days in Los Angeles. Or any day really. Because this ice cream truck is the coolest around.

Their specialty is in nostalgia, harkening back to childhoods spent chasing your friendly neighborhood ice cream truck. Remember ripping open a package with your favorite cartoon character on it? They've got those. How about dying your tongue in a rainbow of colors with a snowcone? Got those too. Really, Ice Cream Occasions has a whole lot of goodness, including favorites like chocolate dipped cones, chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream pops, chocolate ice cream sandwiches, and other favorites from your favorite brands including Blue Bunny. What we're saying is, you've got options, and Ice Cream Occasions is there to deliver. Literally. Hire 'em to get your sweet tooth satisfied alongside a lifetime of sweet ice cream memories for any special occasion. Ice Cream Occasions encourages you to treat yourself. You deserve it.



Premium Selection$4/pc
Classic SelectionPlease choose 5 to be on site.
Special Selection$2/pc
Ice Cream Carts$349. Includes Free Delivery, Pickup, and 70 free pieces of assorted (from all selections) ice cream. You may also choose​ your own ice cream. \nLearn more at https://www.icecreamoccasions.com
Ice Cream TrucksPlease contact us for details and pricing​. \nLearn more at https://www.icecreamoccasions.com
Ice Cream Sundaes$499 Min. Order for 50 Guests. Choose up to 10 Flavors and 10 Toppings. Pre-Scooped ice cream. 2 x 4 Oz Scoops per guest. 2 Hours Included.

Public Schedule

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