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Just Friedays

Just Friedays

Fries|Comfort Food
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About Just Friedays

Just Fiedays is elevating French fries from side dish to main course. Loaded fries are the name of the game at this Los Angeles, CA popup, the menu sporting decadent takes on the all-American classic avid eaters don’t want to miss. Craving a dose of comfort food? You’ll find your bliss here.

The menu sports loads of French fries piled sky-high with gut-busting toppings. So, what’ll it be? Fries imbued with a strong dose of garlic? What about fries dusted with Hot Cheeto crumbles? Not feeling French fries? Treat yourself to a plate of tater tots topped with succulent chunks of chicken and drizzled in fiery sriracha. Really, you’re gonna want to try it all, so head on out to Just Friedays and get started.


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