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King Taco Catering

King Taco Catering

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About King Taco Catering

There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned taco truck if you’re craving some simple but tasty Mexican eats. King Taco Catering provides just that. This Los Angeles, CA food truck dishes up high-quality meats seasoned with homemade sauces and served with all the standard taco toppings you know and love. If you want the basics done to perfection, look no further.

If you happen upon a King Taco Catering taco bar, you’ll have plenty of options to craft the perfect taco to please your palate. You can pile on your choice of meat with options ranging from steak to chicken to pork. But that’s just the beginning. Add some flare to your taco by piling on the toppings. Add some guacamole or create some robust flavor with a blend of onion and cilantro. Make your dish extra spicy by slathering on red or green salsa. This truck sticks to the tried-and-true and serves them far better than average. If you’re looking for a stellar taco truck for an event, book King Taco Catering. Guests will thank you.


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