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About Kogi BBQ

The Kogi Truck aka Kogi BBQ aka Kogi aka Kogi Por Vida aka SO damn bomb aka Kojeeeeee.

The crazy little taco truck that used Twitter and started a food revolution in 2008 with an addictive harmony known as the Korean Short Rib Taco.

Started by a motley crew of family members after Mark Manguera contacted Chef Roy Choi about putting short rib in a taco and parking it in front of the clubs late night, Kogi rolled out on November 19th, 2008 at midnight and hasn’t looked back since.

The little truck that could has gone on to feed almost every street from LA to OC to the South Bay to the Valley to the IE to Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to major music festivals, even worldwide.

Kogi now runs 4 trucks, a full catering operation, a Taqueria, and a bar called Alibi Room.  In just under a decade, Kogi has gone on to be an LA institution but continues to evolve and will always pay homage to the fans and the streets that got us here by slanging them delicious tacos, blackjack and kimchi quesadillas.

For Life.



Unlimited Tacos PkgKOGI Tacos
short rib, spicy pork, chicken, tofu
Unlimited Tacos, SlidersUnlimited Tacos, Short rib Sliders
Unlimited Tacos, Blackjack quesadillasUnlimited Tacos, Blackjack quesadillas
Unlimited Tacos, Sliders, Kimchi quesadillasUnlimited Tacos, Sliders, Kimchi quesadillas
Unlimited Tacos, Sliders, Blackjack quesadillasUnlimited Tacos, Sliders, Blackjack quesadillas
3 Taco Plate (meat of choice)short rib, spicy pork, chicken, tofu
(choice of meat)
One plate per person
PRE FIXE 3 Taco Plateeach plate
1 short rib, 1 spicy pork, 1 chicken
or 3 Tofu
One plate per person
Full Buyout menuAll KOGI food items included
Kogi tacos, Sliders,
Quesadillas, Blackjack, Kimchi, sweet chili chx.
Blue Moon Mulitas, Pacman Burger, Kogi Dogs,
Plant base dog, Drinks
2 hour event upto 100 guests.

Tres LechesSpiced peanut brittle with toffee, Cocoa Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast crunch, toffee, cayenne and cinnamon, sticky and crunchy, glistening with melted sugar, cream, condensed milk and whole milk infused with cinnamon and cayenne, with a mild glob of tapioca milk center
Siracha BarsSpiced, candied peanuts, Sriracha ganache, crisped rice and a caramel drip hand-dipped in homemade dark chocolate

Public Schedule

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