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Kream Kong Ice Cream

Kream Kong Ice Cream

Dessert|Frozen Treats|Ice Cream
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About Kream Kong Ice Cream

Kream Kong Ice Cream is the king of ice cream trucks in Los Angeles. We know, it's quite the monster statement to make. But these ice cream connoisseurs are hand crafting ice cream so creamy and delicious that the competition simply can't compare.

At Kream Kong Ice Cream, each flavor is made in small batches, making for the perfect frozen treat to eat on the streets. From vanilla bean and ube to salted caramel, strawberry and mocha almond fudge, rest assured your sweet tooth craving will be curbed on the curb. But that's not all. Kream Kong Ice Cream is known far and wide for their premium Kong's Cookie; starting with a base of vanilla ice cream topped with a fresh baked cookie, you're getting even more ice cream on top with toppings including cereals, candy, fresh fruit and more. Mouth watering yet? Good. Change the way you eat ice cream by visiting Kream Kong Ice Cream in LA, or having 'em out to cater your next ice cream social. Trust us. Kream Kong can't be beat.



Ice cream2 scoops of our handcrafted ice cream with unlimited toppings. 8-10 different flavors and 9+ toppings to add.

Public Schedule

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