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Leo's Tacos


About Leo's Tacos

Leo’s Tacos is known for serving some of the best tacos al pastor in town, and that’s high praise for the likes of LA. This is why there are four Leo’s Tacos trucks cruising all over, serving crowd-pleasing Mexican street cuisine to thousands of hungry fans each day.

Ordering is easy: choose your base- taco, torta, burrito, quesadilla, etc..., then your grilled meat- asada (chopped beef), pollo (chicken), pork off the spit (al pastor), chorizo, and many more. The tortillas are fresh, the juicy meats are seasoned to perfection, the salsas are refreshingly zesty, and it’s all served fast so that you can take your time savoring each tasty bite. Even better? The prices start at $1. Stop by a Leo’s Truck at a curb near you or book this crew to cater your next big event, and dig right into a glorious experience.


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