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Let's Have A Cart Party

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About Let's Have A Cart Party

Looking for a new way to jazz up your next party? If your guests are anything like us, they'll have the perfect suggestion for you: Let's Have A Cart Party. For the past 45 years, they've been host to a whole host of perfect parties, bringing their premiere selection of specialty antique carts to make your next event one to remember for a long time.

This isn't a food truck per se, it's something even better. Unlike most trucks that are confined to offering one, if maybe two different types of cuisine, Let's Have A Cart Party has a whole lot of carts to satisfy a whole lot of palates. It's like a fair in your own backyard. Choose between a hot dog cart, cotton candy cart, BBQ cart, pizza cart, churro cart, nut cart...what we're saying is, you've got a whole lot of options, and Let's Have A Cart Party is there to deliver. They've got the goods to take your already good event to an excellent one. So don't delay. Call 'em up to cart in the fun; it's a surefire way to please your guests. Guaranteed.


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