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Locals Shave Ice

Locals Shave Ice

Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian
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About Locals Shave Ice

Locals Shave Ice is bringin' a Hawaiian treat to the streets of Los Angeles in style, and we bet you can guess just what that is. Shave ice, yes, but it's a fine frozen treat made with a refined process that stands out from your regular ol' snow cone.

Just how are they achieving this sweet feat? Well, Locals Shave Ice is keeping to local Hawaiian tradition, putting a block of pure crystalline ice on board the trailer. From there, they're expertly shaving it to a snow like texture, so fine, in fact, you'll think they collected it from a local ski resort. From there, you've got your choice of sweet flavors to partake in, including the fruitiest of cherry, green apple and mango to the creamiest orange dreamsicle, pina colada and wedding cake. But that's not all. Locals Shave Ice also has specialty island combos, combining flavors to tantalize your tastebuds, along with add ons like condensed milk, toasted coconut flakes and vanilla ice cream. Sounds pretty sweet, right? We thought so. All the more reason to find Locals Shave Ice in Los Angeles, CA, or have 'em out to cater your next event. And remember to say mahalo for us. They deserve it for bringing a little taste of Hawaii stateside.



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