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About Los Chorros

Los Chorros is bringing a little taste of El Salvador to Los Angeles, CA. The folks here really want to share their culture with the City of Angels via tasty cuisine, and stick to tradition when whipping up their fare. Plus, they care about quality when it comes to ingredients, serving 100% lard free fare made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Golden State foodies need to make a stop by Los Chorros if they want to fully experience the diverse culinary offerings of LA.

The menu, of course, has all things pupusa. In fact, that’s the specialty, these thick, chewy flatbreads covered in loads of juicy meats and tangy cheeses. However, this only scratches the surface of El Salvadoran offerings. There’s an entire breakfast menu serving up eggs mixed with chorizo, carne asada, and fried plantains. Looking for something warm and comforting? Grab some soup full of meat and veggies simmering in an aromatic sauce flavored by a bold blend of herbs and spices. And don’t forget dessert. While a quesadilla may be a savory dish at most establishments, the Salvadoran variety is a sweet cheese pastry sure to satisfy your sugar cravings. Stomach rumbling? Then what are you waiting for? Stop by Los Chorros and grab a meal. Or, bring all this goodness straight to you by booking ‘em for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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