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Love Swirls

Love Swirls

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About Love Swirls

The name Love Swirls is apt. The cotton candy spun here is made with time, care, and dedication, meaning these sweet treats are indeed little swirls of love. In addition to these pillowy, sugary clouds, these carts also whip up popcorn, churros, and more. Looking for a heaping helping of nostalgia via classic carnival fare? Congratulations. You’ve just found your match made in heaven. Keep your eyes peeled for this cart popping up at events across Los Angeles, CA.

The flavor options at Love Swirls are not restricted to the classic blue raspberry and pink vanilla. You’ll also find a bevy of more gourmet choices. From floral flavors like rose to booze-inspired blends like mimosa, these sweet treats will leave you feeling pampered. Plus, it’s all vegan, organic, and kosher. That means nearly every guest can indulge. Sound tasty? Then keep your eyes peeled for Love Swirls and stop on by when you get a chance. Even better? Bring this goodness to you by booking ‘em for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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