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Comfort Food|Vegetarian|Mac N Cheese
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About Mac-O-Licious

Mac-O Licious is now serving in LA! Since 1802 Macaroni and Cheese has been an American Staple. Whether served as the creamy, cheesy blend during a Family dinner, or a hearty baked casserole served with Southern Cuisine on Sundays, the dish has garnered fans across the country. Fast-forward to 2012, and you’ll find that mac‘n'cheese has expanded beyond the traditional “Soul Food” or “Southern” Restaurant into trendy kitchens nationwide. A tasty serving of mac‘n'cheese caters to the old and the young—crossing ethnic boundaries and cultures, and uniting food lovers! Whether you prefer yours as a side dish or a standalone meal, undoubtedly Kelly Chapman’s savoury macOlicious creations will satisfy your macaroni pallet.


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