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Main Squeeze Lemonade

Main Squeeze Lemonade

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About Main Squeeze Lemonade

Main Squeeze Lemonade is Los Angeles' main squeeze, the first choice when it comes to high quality beverages for kids and adults alike. That's because this food truck is squeezing fresh fruits for sweet drinks, quenching thirsts and tantalizing tastebuds at every turn.

At Main Squeeze Lemonade, their main offering is in freshly squeezed lemonades that are sweetened the all natural way, without syrups or artificial flavorings of any kind. Get their original lemonade, sweet enough on its own, or infuse it with a myriad of sweet flavorings; Main Squeeze has peach, strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple and watermelon alongside unique choices including jalapeno, ginger and habanero. Not to mention their perfectly tart limeade and iced tea. But that's not all. Main Squeeze Lemonade also has adult mock-tails, featuring muddled fruits and herbs of your choosing. Feelin' snacky? Don't fret. Main Squeeze Lemonade has chips served with Texas-style queso dip and salsas. So why wait? Find Main Squeeze Lemonade in Los Angeles, or have 'em out to cater your next event. You've got nothing to lose, and everything refreshing to gain.



Chips, Salsa, and QuesoOur Texas-style Salsa and Queso are hand-made from scratch, using fresh ingredients.
Veggie, Cheese and RanchCarrots, lite ranch, snap peas, cheese
Veggie, Hummus & FlatbreadCrisp carrots, classic hummus and flatbread
Fruit & NutsRaisins, peanuts, hulled sunflower seeds, dates, papaya, pineapple, almonds, cashews, walnuts and coconut
No Salt DeluxeRaisins, cashews, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and pepitas
Sante Fe HotToasted corn, sesame sticks, sesame seeds, bulgur wheat, jalapeño peanuts, cajun corn sticks, pepitas and chili peanuts
Peanut Butter/ChocolateRoasted peanuts, milk chocolate chip, peanut butter cups, chocolate peanuts, roasted peanuts

Hot DogsAvailable by special request for private functions, we can also serve hot dogs with your choice of toppings, and bags of chips. Great for outdoor events or kids parties!
Chicken CasearCrisp Romaine lettuce, white chicken, light Caesar dressing and shredded cheese
Greek FetaChopped escarole, endive, radicchio, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, white meat chicken, feta cheese, Kalamata olives and Greek style vinaigrette
Cranberry and WalnutBaby lettuce blend, greens, all-natural raspberry vinaigrette, feta cheese, flat bread chips dried cranberries and candied walnuts
Spinach DijonBaby spinach, sweet onion dijon vinaigrette, hard-boiled egg, Monterey Jack-Colby cheese, almonds, dried cranberries and crispy noodles
Fruits & NutsRaisins, peanuts, bulled sunflower seeds, dates, papaya, pineapple, almonds, cashews, walnuts and coconut
Wild Blueberry with FlaxRaisins, cashews, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas
Natural Honey & AlmondToasted corn, sesame sticks, sesame seeds, bulgur wheat, jalapeno peanuts, cajun corn, sticks, pepitas, chili peanuts

Classic Lemonade Fresh Squeezed. couln’t be simpler. Perfect combo of sweet and tart!
Fruit Flavored LemonadeIncludes one fruit flavor add on!
Slush Lemonadeice blended lemonade with extra juice and fruit\n -add a flavor or boba!
Iced TeaBlack OR Green Tea\n-Try with a fruit flavor add on\n-Unsweetened or Sweetened
Arnold PalmerAn unbeatable combination of iced tea and lemonande\nmost popular with: Passion fruit, lychee, or cherry.\n
Milk TeasBlack Milk Tea\nTaro Milk Tea\nOR Thai Milk Tea\n\nAdd Boba!

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