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Mariscos El Veneno

Mariscos El Veneno

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About Mariscos El Veneno

Mariscos El Veneno is bringing Nayarit-style Mexican cuisine to the streets of Los Angeles, CA. In a city packed with a plethora of Mexican cuisine, this little taco truck sets itself apart by placing particular focus on all things seafood. This is a must for avid eaters throughout the city looking to fully immerse themselves in its rich culinary culture.

The menu goes well beyond normal offerings of fish and shrimp tacos. You can try some aguachile, a blend of shrimp and avocado popping with bold, spicy flavor via a rich mix of herbs. Grab a coctel camarón y pulpo and enjoy a medley of shrimp and octopus served in a savory cocktail sauce. There are also tostadas and tacos aplenty smothered in seafood faves. Really, you can’t go wrong here, which is all the more reason to stop by Mariscos El Veneno and start working your way through the menu. Or, even better idea? Have ‘em out to cater your next event.


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