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Mu's Lobster Roll

Mu's Lobster Roll

Seafood|Lobster Rolls
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About Mu's Lobster Roll

Mu's delivers warm, buttery New England perfection to the West Coast without missing a single note of flavor. What makes Mu's particularly interesting is that its owner hails from Turkey, not New England. But authenticity's a tricky thing like that - no one's got dibs on it, you simply know it when you taste it. And Mu's redefines authenticity.

The lobster roll is obviously the main event here, and it's a true thing of beauty: massively chunked, split up and lightly seasoned, the meat of the lobster speaks for itself, forgoing mayo and fillers. It doesn't need any. It's already complete. The simplicity of the thing is where its genius lies, which could also apply to Mu's bisque and clam chowder. No matter which specialty you choose, just get ready to be transported to a land of thick accents, thicker ice, and very high standards. We think you'll find this food conjures the first two beautifully, and shatters the third effortlessly. It's inspired food in any region.


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