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My Taco Guy

My Taco Guy

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About My Taco Guy

My Taco Guy is providing a wholly different kind of taco experience to Los Angeles. In a scene dominated by taco trucks, My Taco Guy is elevating the standard to gourmet status, catering carefully crafted taco menus to handle any kind of event you have in mind. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, halal, gluten-free, rest assured Taco Guy has seen it all and is willing to create it all, all with your preference in mind.

It's no wonder Angelenos are clamoring to claim him as their own. It's in the namesake, sure, but there's good reason for it. All of the food is made from scratch using only the freshest quality ingredients, including the drinks. That means you're getting homemade tortillas hand pressed and hot off the grill, and from there, you're able to customize your taco experience with premium cuts of meat marinated to perfection. From classics like carne asada, cabeza and lengua to original recipe meats including citrus marinated grilled chicken, baja style shrimp, fried tofu and soyrizo, there's a whole lot of goodness to sink your teeth into. But that's not all. My Taco Guy could also be called my food guy, inasmuch as he's offering other good food on the menu. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sliders and more, you name it, My Taco Guy has it and is doing it better than you've ever had it. So why wait? Call up My Taco Guy for your next fiesta, or find him popping up at local fairs and festivals. Soon enough, you'll be able to participate in that personalized taco experience you've only dreamed about.


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