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Nay's Tacos Inc.

Nay's Tacos Inc.

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About Nay's Tacos Inc.

Who here thinks tacos should be considered the best food? Yay or nay? Either way actually, because Nay's Tacos are the best tacos you're gonna find in LA. We know, quite the bold statement to make. But Nay's Tacos are tacos on a whole new level of delicious, simply because they are just that: Nay's. And Nay is a taco connoisseur who's out to conquer the taco truck scene, one gourmet taco at a time.

At Nay's Tacos, you're being treated to tacos that are authentically unauthentic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. On the contrary, Nay is out to redefine this classic form with twists and flavor infusions you won't find anywhere else. So stop looking. You'll find everything you need at Nay's Tacos. Starting with hand pressed tortillas hot off the grill, Nay's stuffing 'em with BBQ chicken, sweet pineapple chicken teriyaki chicken, and classics such as asada, lengua, and al pastor. But wait, there's more. Hire Nay to cater your next event, and she may have even more delicious food in store, including big ol' burgers and fries with homemade kool aid and sweet peach tea. So why wait? Find Nay's Tacos in Los Angeles or have her bring those tacos to your next fiesta. Seriously. It's Nay's Tacos, and it's time you taco bout it.



Dave's BBQ Chicken Fresh chicken with homemade BBQ sauce
Daylan Pineapple Chicken Chicken with fresh homemade Pineapple and garlic chilli sauce
Cincere Spicy ChickenFresh chicken with Spicy jalapeños and green habanera sauce
Carne AsadaFresh juicy marinated with homemade seasoning
ChickenFresh, juicy homemade seasoned chicken
Crenshaw burgerTurkey patty with any topping
Figueroa Burger Ground beef with any topping
Rosecrans BurgerBuild your Burger
TurkeyJuicy Turkey meat with homemade seasoning
Vegan (Black beans)Fresh black beans and veggies with gluten free shells
Beef TacosFreshly cook beef, well seasoned
Salmon TacosFresh salmon well seasoned
Shrimp TacosFresh seasoned shrimp
Felicia tacos Ground beef and rice mix
Nay Taco's Any meat with everything
Nate TacosAsada with everything
Ceddie Hook upCome with BBQ chicken cilantro and sour cream
Quesadilla Served with cheese and a choice of any meat
Watts Burger Turkey patty with bacon and eggs
DMT BurgerGround beef with egg and any topping
DaveFresh chicken with homemade BBQ sauce
Nay TacoAny meat with everything
Nay TacoAny meat with everything
Dave BBQ ChickenFresh chicken with homemade BBQ sauce
Ground TurkeyJuicy Turkey meat with homemade seasoning
Vegan Fresh black beans and veggies with gluten free shells

BeansRefried beans
RiceWhite rice
Fries Fresh cut fries
Grits Grits made to order

Public Schedule

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