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Nomad Ice Pops

Nomad Ice Pops

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About Nomad Ice Pops

After Geoffrey Jennings got an MBA, opened, and then subsequently closed a business, he decided it was time for a trip to Guatemala. His adventure was as grueling as it was awe-inspiring, and it's there that he discovered the power that paletas have to lift spirits and cool off hot days. Before long, he was back in Los Angeles, CA with his brand new cart, Nomad Ice Pops. Using all-natural ingredients, Nomad's paletas have become the stuff of legend in LA.

Each pop is infused with a variety of ingredients that stay true to their natural flavor, mixing fruits and fresh vegetables with herbs and spices for 20+ flavors, with over 10 at any given time. Seasonal goodies like Double Lime Basil and Ginger Watermelon are always a lot of fun, but don't skip out on the more permanent classics like Strawberry Mint or Berry Peach Lemonade. Track down Nomad on the streets of LA, Alhambra, and Pasadena, or better yet, book them to cater your next event.


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