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About Pancs

Though the word “pancake” may conjure images of maple syrup and blueberries, most countries have some form of pancake figured out, and Pancs is here to celebrate the many ways pancakes can kick butt. Since 2004, they’ve been on a mission to serve globally-inspired pancakes both sweet and savory.

Serving London, Lausanne, and Los Angeles, Pancs is slinging enough creative pancake takes to turn any non-believer into an evangelist. Take the duck confit for example, with duck, stilton, arugula, mustard and honey, or even the Russian-style panc, stuffed with Russian curd cheese, sour cream and strawberries. And don’t worry: they’ve got classic breakfast pancakes, too. There’s a panc for every person, so book ‘em for your next event and lay ‘em out for your guests.


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