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About PBJ.LA

When Payvand Salehi, Brad Greenberg, and Jimmy Franklin met at a rooftop gym in Los Angeles, this marked the beginning of both a beautiful friendship and a beautiful business venture. The trio found they shared a passion for a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but also wondered why this culinary classic was often relegated to the kiddie menu. Why not make it gourmet? After a lot of hard work and experimentation in the kitchen, PBJ.LA was born. This food cart whips up stylish takes on PB&Js for hungry Angelino foodies on the hunt for unique eats on the streets.

Given they met at the gym, it’s no surprise Payvand, Brad, and Jimmy share a passion for health food. Every item on the menu here is made from organic plant-based products, and many patrons are surprised to learn this truck is 100% vegan. The meticulously crafted flavor profiles of the sandwiches here win over many an avid meat-lover, despite the absence of all things animal product. You have your choice of sweet options, with sandwiches smothered in ingredients like marshmallow fluff, strawberry jam, and orange zest. There are also savory takes on the classic fruit and nut pairing stuffed with fillings like basil cherry tomato jam, spicy mango chutney, and curried cashew butter. Whatever you sample, it’ll make you reimagine the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you’re looking for a fun and unique vendor for your next event, book with PBJ.LA. You won’t regret it.



Red EyeEspresso peanut butter (Jaguar Forest organic coffee), dark chocolate raspberry jam
Ol' FashionedSalted pecan butter, apple jam with angostura bitters, orange zest.
IndianCurried cashew butter, spicy mango chutney, arugula, sliced daikon radish
Old SchoolPeanut butter with strawberry jam or marshmallow fluff. (Grape jam available when in season.)
New SchoolAlmond butter, strawberry jam
ItalianToasted pine nut butter with sage, basil cherry tomato jam, arugula, EVOO, balsamic, smoked provolone
The SuperfoodCacao nib almond butter, blueberry goji açaí jam

Purple Hawaiian Potato ChipsPurple potatoes, pink Himalayan salt, rice bran oil
Cinnamon Sugar BitesCeylon cinnamon, coconut sugar, cacao, coconut oil

Chocolate HazeChocolate hazelnut butter, dark cherry Chianti jam
Chocolate Pecan PieMaple toffee pecan butter, double chocolate chip, marshmallow fluff

Vanilla Lavender Almond MilkFiltered water, almonds, lavender, vanilla bean, coconut, coconut sugar
Peruvian Cacao Almond MilkFiltered water, almonds, Peruvian cacao, coconut, coconut sugar
Strawberry Almond MilkFiltered water, almonds, strawberries, coconut, sugar
Cafe Au Lait Almond MilkFiltered water, almonds, cold brew coffee, coconut, coconut sugar
Yuzu MatchaFiltered water, ceremonial grade matcha, yuzu lemon, coconut sugar

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for PBJ.LA.