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Perkside Coffee Truck

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About Perkside Coffee Truck

This crew has been perking up LA for ten years, and by using only fair-trade & direct trade beans, Perkside Coffee Truck is certainly a trusty source for the best brews in town.

Their refreshing and rejuvenating selection of espresso, lattes, coffee, milkshakes, and fresh fruit smoothies includes quite a few cool concoctions, including their creamy Vanilla Chai Chiller, or The Ultimate Fighter- a flavorful force to be reckoned with- a smoothie with espresso, banana, peanut butter, whey protein, dates, almond milk, and a drop of honey...and there’s much, much more.

If you need to supply your guests at your next event with splendid sips, Perkside Coffee Truck is more than happy to provide a perfect solution.


Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry Banana SmoothieThe All-time American classic!
Iced Lattes

Caffe LatteEspresso with a creamy frothy top! You get the kick without the strong espresso taste!
Espresso Drinks

Cappuccino RomanoLess milk than a latte with a creamier finish! Add a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa!
Specialty Drinks

Mocha LatteFor the chocolate lovers! Italian chocolate. Not too sweet but full of flavor!

Chai Latte
Dirty ChaiSimply add espresso to a chai latte and Hello!
The AmericanoH2O with espresso shots added! (Named for our brave WW2 servicemen who couldn't find brewed coffee in Europe!)
Red EyeNeed to wake up or stay awake? Add espresso to our brewed coffee and feel the rush!
Green Matcha LatteCeremonial grade, organic, lead-free and used for centuries in Asia for it's energizing yet calming effect!
Hot ChocolateWhipped cream on request for the kid in all of us!
Blended Coffee Delights! BCD!Some call these frappuccinos.
Mocha BlastChocolate and espresso on a mission! What could be better than that!
King KongNamed after The 8th wonder of the world! Mocha with an added banana! He lives!
Snickerdoodledoo!Like the famous cookie but you can drink it! Vanilla bean, caramel and a dash of cinnamon!
Vanilla Chai ChillerA creamy smooth blend of chai and vanilla.
Caramel DulceMade with creamy caramel sauce and espresso.
MilkshakesFor kids up to 99.
Purple Monkey SmoothieA flavor jungle of berries and banana!
Mango Tango SmoothieMango, pineapple, OJ, vanilla bean & a touch of ginger. A mouthful of taste!
Orange Dream SmoothieOJ, Madagascar vanilla bean, splash of milk.
Green Power SmoothieGet your greens on! Kale, banana, dates, chia, almond milk & splash of agave! So good, kids like it too!
Green Sunshine SmoothieLike the green power but we add mango & pineapple!
Super G Power!Like the green power but with added whey protein and Matcha!
The Ultimate FighterTake on your any challenge with this power-packed smoothie! Espresso, banana, peanut-butter, whey protein, dates, almond milk, splash of honey!
Banana Date ShakeWe add banana & almond milk to the classic for a creamier taste and a splash of honey & cinnamon!
Fresh Brewed CoffeeAll organic, micro-roasted in small-batches! We use only Direct and Fair Trade beans!
Caramel Creme ExtremeMade with creamy caramel sauce and espresso

Public Schedule

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