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Dumplings|Polish|Eastern European|Vegetarian

About PolkaPierogiTruck

Great Truck!! Great Service!! Great food!! Specially for You All in Los Angeles!!! Kura( Grilled Chicken), Pierogis( Polish Dumplings), Kielbasa( Polish Sausage), Golabki( Stuffed Cabbage),Bigos( Hunter Stew), with delicious Salad, or Polish Bread!!Healthy, Nutritious, Delicious, Polish Dishes!!!



Pierogi/Polish DumplingsPolish Dumplings filled with:\r\nA.Meat\r\nB.Sauerkraut and stewed mushrooms\r\nC.Potatoes and cheese
Bigos/Polish Hunter StewMix of stewed sauerkraut,mushrooms,chunks of Polish sausage and beef
Kielbasa/Polish SausagePolish sausage
Golabki/Stuffed CabbageA.Meat(chicken and pork)\r\nB.Vegetarian(buckwheat)
Kura/Chicken ThighsSkin free,boneless,broiled chicken thighs

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