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Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery

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About Pressed Juicery

The team at Pressed Juicery operates with one simple mission – creating nutritious foods you don’t dread consuming. It’s no secret Los Angeles, CA is a health-conscious city, packed with citizens perpetually on the hunt for the latest ways to nourish their bodies. The scores of pressed juices and plant-based, dairy-free soft serve ice cream served here may sound like they’re of questionable taste. However, once you give ‘em a try, you’ll find yourself hooked.

The menu is proof Mother Nature provides loads of great-tasting foods that don’t need too much messing with. From vegetable-based juices full of leafy greens seasoned up with a dose of parsley and a spritz of lemon to fruit-based concoctions packed with saccharine ingredients like apples and oranges, you’ll be more than happy quenching your thirst with any of these ice cold options. If you’re really looking to treat yourself, however, you can go for a “freeze,” all-natural soft serve ice cream that packs the same rich, velvety texture and sugary sweet taste as dairy-based products. Enticed? Then we’ve got good news: Pressed Juicery has a food truck you can have out to cater your next event. Guests will appreciate the chance to treat themselves without the guilt.


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