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Rollin' Cafe Bistro

Rollin' Cafe Bistro

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About Rollin' Cafe Bistro

Cafe by day, bistro by night, Rollin' Cafe Bistro is bringing you all the best in fantastic eating on the LA streets. This food truck sources all its ingredients from local suppliers, so every menu item is popping with fresh flavor. Rollin’ Cafe dishes up classic foods, like sandwiches and salads, but puts a gourmet spin on these lunch box standards.

Pretty much everything on the menu will make you feel just a little pampered as you chow down. Even the salads feel like a full on meal as they’re packed with hearty ingredients like grilled chicken, tangy cheeses, and farm fresh fruits and veggies. Plus, the dressings are all homemade, as are the sauces spread over the decadent array of sandwiches and tacos. You won’t find your run-of-the-mill chicken taco or ham and cheese hoagie here. Instead, enjoy some tacos with chunks of chicken marinated with traditional jerk seasoning and slathered in spicy aioli. Or, sink your teeth into a fiery chicken wrap seasoned with chipotle cream cheese. Plus, there are vegan and vegetarian options, like the delectable vegan burger that destroys the notion meat free equals taste free. Getting hungry? Stop on by for a nourishing, delicious meal. Or, even better, book Rollin’ Cafe Bistro for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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