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Salvi Soul

Salvi Soul

Beverages|Keto|Latin American|Pupusas , Arepas , Baleadas, Plátanos|Salvadoran
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About Salvi Soul

Authentic Salvadoran taste food truck owned by a traditional
Salvadoran family bringing our grandmas recipes to Los Angeles.



PupusasHandmade corn tortilla stuffed with the following option (Gluten Free). Added with cabbage salad and tomato sauce.
Pan con Pollo
Pan con PolloBread stuffed with baked chicken with special tomato sauce, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, beets, cucumber, coleslaw, radish and watercress.
Salvi Bowl
Salvi BowlBowl stuffed Salvadoran casamiento (beans and rice), carne asada, pork chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado, cheese and handmade corn tortilla.
Yuca Frita
Yuca FritaFried or steamed cassava, accompanied by cabbage salad, tomato sauce, cucumber, radish, and tomato added pork chicharron
Boqui Bowl-o
Boqui Bowl-oBowl Stuffed with chicharron, carne asada and chorizo. Guacamole, curtido, cheese and fried tortilla

Mini Chicken Pasteles
Mini Chicken PastelesCorn Tortilla stuffed with Chicken and vegetable accompanied with tomate sauce and cabbage
Mini Pupusa
Mini PupusaTwo pupusas beans and cheese and revuelta accompanied with tomate sauce and cabbage

Porki Bowl
Porki BowlBowl stuffed with gacanmole, cheese, fried tortilla and chicharrones

Public Schedule

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