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About Serendoggity

Serendoggity is a NY style street cart, giving Los Angeles delicious hot dogs that are organic and healthy. We know, hard to believe right? But Serendoggity is the synergy of the unexpected and the known, reinventing the classic hot dog by combining surprising flavors from cuisines around the world.

We'd call it serendipity, but you probably already get that from the namesake. At Serendoggity, their gourmet hot dogs come from a lifetime of globetrotting and exploring local flavors to hand craft a menu built to satisfy. Get the classic NY hot dog topped with sauerkraut and mustard, or treat yourself to Asian inspired dogs including the Seoul dog with kimchi, spicy mayo and sesame seeds. Of course, you can always get standard toppings if you're more of a traditionalist, and Serendoggity's got turkey and vegan dogs along with the all beef ones. If all this sounds good to you, what are you still reading this for? Find Serendoggity in LA, or hire 'em to cater your next event. Good never tasted so guiltless.



Bangkok DogSpicy peanut satay sauce, cilantro, shrimp chips
Durham DogBBQ sauce, ranch, pickle, relish, chopped onion
Hanoi DogSpicy Sriracha mayo, jalapeños, pickled daikon, cilantro
New York DogSauerkraut, mustard
Philly DogCheese sauce, ranch, pickle relish, chopped onion
Rio Grande DogSalsa, nacho cheese sauce, jalapeños, cilantro, nacho chips
Seoul DogKimchi, spicy garlic mayo, sesame seeds, dried shallot
Tokyo DogWasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce, roasted nori seaweed, furikake, shrimp chips
Vienna DogSpicy curry ketchup, chopped onions, sesame seeds, dried garlic
Yukon DogBacon, cheese sauce, sauerkraut, mustard
Ze Tourist DogMustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, onions, relish, jalapeños

ChipsAssorted Variety of bagged Chips



Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Serendoggity.