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Sexy Lunch Club

Sexy Lunch Club

Organic|Vegan|Vegetarian|Locally Sourced
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About Sexy Lunch Club

Sexy Lunch Club is giving Angelenos just what they want when it comes to lunch: food that's both delicious and healthy as a means to maintain sexiness. Really, it's not that much to ask, at least when you're asking Sexy Lunch Club. It's a pop up catering cart that's got the best grub in the city, servicing the hungriest with quality vegan fare on the go.

At Sexy Lunch Club, you're getting what they're calling hyperlocal organic produce made into the most amazing meals around. The result? Sexiness that comes from the inside out, with food that does a body good. From their vegan poke bowl featuring their specialty teriyaki tofu alongside sweet clementines, radish sprouts and edamame to their organic kabocha squash quinoa collard wraps, rest assured there's a palate pleasing plant based meal for all to enjoy here. So why wait? Call up Sexy Lunch Club to cater your next event, or find 'em cruising in Los Angeles. Either way, this is one foodie experience you don't want to miss.


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