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About Simplethings

The name says it all here. This restaurant is bringing Los Angeles, CA the simple things. Specializing in classic American cuisine, Simplethings serves all the tried-and-true dishes you grew up eating. This mouth-watering fare may be basic, but trust us. It’s far from bland.

The menu offers a mix of healthy options and more indulgent choices, each item packed with flavor regardless of its nutritional value (or lack thereof). You can grab a salad full of hearty ingredients like goat cheese and roast chicken alongside leafy greens, morphing these starters into meals in their own right. Or, if you want to treat yourself, grab a bowl of mac and cheese made with a rich three cheese mix and seasoned up with tarragon. There are sliders and sandwiches galore. You can grab anything from a fried chicken sandwich to a portabella mushrooms slider smothered in butter and thyme. If this isn’t enough to catch your interest, maybe this will – they cater. That’s right. You can bring all this goodness straight to your guests, so don’t hesitate to book with Simplethings for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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